Our Alliance With Our Non-Profit Partners

BlueGreen prides itself on maintaining a passionate commitment to creative vision and extensive community planning, which can only happen in conjunction with our dynamic non-profit partners. While other developers focus on having the non-profit exit the transaction, BlueGreen prefers that the non-profit partner with us and remain involved in the development process. Because of this relationship we forge with our non-profit ally, BlueGreen is able to develop a property while keeping that specific community’s needs in the forefront. Our non-profits have serviced their respective communities for many years, and as a result, they have the best insights into their community. Rather than just delivering a nice looking building at the close of the transaction, BlueGreen delivers a nicely renovated building that incorporates the needs of its residents with additional social programs and services for those residents. By working hand in hand with our non-profit partners, we can make a dramatic and positive impact on the communities served by the non-profit.

BlueGreen has a mission driven focus specializing in partnering with church-based and community-based non-profits on preservation opportunities. Our innovative approach in sharing developer’s fees provides our non-profit partner with significant cash resources, allowing them to continue providing vital services to the community they service. We stand alone in this unique commitment to the financial viability of church-based and community-based non-profits.

Also, unlike other developers, BlueGreen seeks the input of our non-profit partners during the development process. For example, spending money to put a new roof on the building is counterproductive where the residents need a new community recreation room. Rather than guessing at what that community needs, BlueGreen actively meets and discusses with the non-profit to discover what the biggest concerns for its constituents are and to find solutions to address those concerns. Our philosophy is simple — BlueGreen fills needs; we don’t sell or mandate.

Additionally, most properties that already have a non-profit in place have been managed by that non-profit. Rather than displacing the non-profit, BlueGreen prefers that the non-profit remain involved because they know the residents on a one-on-one basis. Because of this familiarity, the non-profit is key to making the development process run smoothly, while minimizing the disruption to the lives of their residents, especially when hundreds of residents need to be moved out of their units during the development process. BlueGreen is sensitive to the needs of the residents. We believe partnering with the non-profit and keeping the non-profit involved throughout the development process and thereafter is the best way to serve those residents.