Building & Preserving Inspiring Spaces

Affordable housing development is a symphony of carefully orchestrated steps, culminating into one final masterpiece.

  • Preservation 
  • Development and Adaptive Reuse
  • Asset Management

Tomorrow’s Homes Today

The current trend is to simply dispose of anything considered “old,” which has resulted in a decline in the availability of affordable housing throughout the United States. BlueGreen however recognizes the value of the existing stock of affordable housing throughout the country, and in that recognition, seeks to preserve those buildings as part of a comprehensive housing strategy. BlueGreen has the inherent ability, experience and capacity to rehabilitate a property from start to finish. We use our skill sets to meet our key objective of delivering a beautifully renovated, updated and energy efficient property back to its residents with minimal disruption to their lives, and on time and on budget for our stakeholders.

Bringing New Life To Communities

Past years have resulted in certain downtown areas struggling to return to their prior glory. In line with our preservation strategy, there are a multitude of buildings and motels located in downtown metropolitan areas that are considered to be a blight on their surrounding neighborhoods. By partnering with local and regional government agencies and other trusted partners, BlueGreen is able to convert those dilapidated buildings into marks of pride and distinction. BlueGreen’s development and adaptive reuse of these buildings creates jobs in the neighborhood, increases revenue for the city and reduces unwanted elements such as crime and vacant buildings.

Determining What Matters Most

For our partners and for those projects owned by BlueGreen, BlueGreen is committed to responsible oversight of the projects through careful fiscal management of properties, compliance oversight & reporting, proactive asset management using key indicators and regular financial reviews and long-term planning to ensure adequate reserves to address physical needs. Strong asset management by BlueGreen is key to ensuring the longevity of the project for years to come.