About us

Welcome to the BlueGreen Family…
the place that passion, trust, quality, affordability and sustainability call home!

With decades of experience driving its team, BlueGreen Preservation and Development, LLC is an industry leader in developing and preserving affordable housing. We have extensive experience in family, senior, urban, suburban, HUD preservation and neighborhood revitalization developments. We use that experience to improve the lives of the residents in our properties while maximizing the return on investment for our stakeholders. Our affordable housing properties utilize the same quality design and construction as market-rate housing properties.

BlueGreen achieves this goal by adhering to strict disciplines throughout the development and rehabilitation process. We deliver our properties on time and on budget which is important not only to our stakeholders, but also to the residents who anxiously await their remodeled living quarters. By engaging in strategic partnerships with our valued partners and by continually developing our relationships with national and regional governmental agencies, we have the ability to shepherd the process to a successful closing. BlueGreen provides additional value through the full range of services we are able to offer from one inter-related, vertically integrated company.

What sets BlueGreen apart from other real estate developers is our commitment to retaining the character and social service benefits indigenous to each community, which is achieved by partnering with the existing local non-profit organization. By partnering with the community’s local non-profit, we can better serve the residents in that community by addressing their specific needs. Other developers are more interested in buying out the non-profit and ending those ties with the community. We recognize the value that our non-profit partners provide to their constituents and we honor that relationship.

Join us in our mission in improving our communities by creating homes that service the needs of those communities.